Expert Planner Panel

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Today we're dropping a little Planner knowledge on you, with a great question for bride's at the beginning of their planning process. We asked our ladies: What 3 vendors should a bride book first for her wedding?


Planner, designer/stylist, photographer (if venue is already set of course)... and that's just my opinion :)

Jessica Sloane of  Jessica Sloane Event Styling & Design

We recommend planner, venue and photographer. We can help brides with vendor recommendations to find the best vendors to fit their style and budget. Venues and photographers tend to book up quickly, so we suggest they try to secure those as soon as possible.

Jessie Miraldi Pinson of Modern Vintage Events

Venue followed by photographer and planner! Depending on the venue, they can only do one or two events per day PLUS you need to know a date before you can move forward with other companies. :) Photographers + Planners generally are the same way - one per day! It is best to secure them early on in planning.

Sarah Willard of Music City Events

Planner, venue, caterer - if not included with venue...if caterer is included with venue, florist is third.

Parthenia Fayne of Epiphany Events

Planner, Venue, Photographer :) I have a lot of brides who really need to speak to us prior to booking their venue due to not being educated about what is feasible in the space/what is going on in the city on the day of their wedding.

Leigh Barker of A Delightful Day

Booking a planner first would be a wise move for the bride. Planners have a wealth of knowledge and contacts with other wedding professionals to help save them time and energy throughout the planning process. From there I would move to booking a venue & (caterer) if it's not a part of the venue. Then I would secure the photographer.

Deborah Jarrett of My Joyous Occasions

Definitely the planner! Take advantage of her expertise regarding venues and negotiating the contracts... then interview photographers and book the hotel(s) for our of town guests.

 Sara Lubow Fried of Fete Nashville  

My recommendation would be to first higher a wedding planner. Planners are a great resource and can help you find the perfect venue for your wedding. So, planner first and then venue. Last but not least, I would suggest securing the photographer. Each photographer has a unique style and you definitely would want to find one who can capture your wedding day the way you want it.

Takkia Easley of Bella Bleu Weddings and Events

The bride's first choice should be a wedding planner. Together with the planner, the bride should choose a venue and photographer who meet her style and budget. Photographers book quickly. So if you find one you like, book them.

Elaine Roberts of Events by Elaine

With out stating the obvious....Venue, then photographer and entertainment. (Planner needs to come first but let's assume it hasn't...these are the hard vendors to narrow down.) A caterer can cook for 2 weddings but a band can't play simultaneously at two parties. :-)

Dawn Sallis Schenkel of Premier W.E.D