Expert Planner Panel

This week we are wrestling with a question many brides find a little bit challenging and awkward -- so we asked our experts: What is the best way to handle guests that don’t RSVP?

"It is going to happen! People get busy and some forget. It is ok to call and ask for a response. I know this can feel awkward, but just stay positive and simply ask for a response. This would be a great task for the moms or even a bridesmaid if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed." Margaret Tolbert, Details by Margaret.

Another one of our planners, Becca George of Modern Vintage added some great points:

"It is completely ok to call your guests after the RSVP date to just make sure they received the invitation and to see if they will be able to make it to the wedding. It can definitely feel awkward but you also don't want to feel like you have to add 10 people to your guest count and pay for some people who are not planning to attend the wedding."

Elaine Roberts of Events by Elaine also suggested that getting in touch with your guests benefits you in the long run.

"Email followed by a phone call should get a response from most guests. Moms, aunts or friends can help with some of these calls to keep the task simple for you. Having an accurate guest count will help your vendors and caterer know what to prepare for."

Thanks for the advice, experts!