Vendor Spotlight-Menu Maker Catering

Today we are featuring Menu Maker Catering, a unique Nashvile/Greater Nashville company that prides itself in creating custom menus for whatever your special needs or desires are! We spoke with Sales Coordinator Kara Moore about what makes Menu Maker Catering "the one" for you!

How did you get into catering?

As a child, Menu Maker’s owner Mary Weary always loved to cook. She began with a Betty Crocker Junior Cookbook and continued to a degree in food administration. After a career in sales, food purchasing and marketing she began consulting with manufacturers and restaurants on recipes and menu ideas. Designing menus was the beginning of her catering business. She has developed menus for companies such as Cracker Barrel, Shoney’s, Mr. Gatti’s, O’Charleys. Menu Maker started with one employee (Mary) over 20 years ago and now has full time kitchen, office, sales and wedding departments.

 What are some different options for catering that you offer brides?

Menu Maker prides itself in “Custom Menus for You”! Chef Callie creates each and every dish specifically for our Bride and her vision. Special requests never upset us. We are happy to accommodate requests such as gluten-free, sugar free, low sodium, vegetarian and vegan and we can even include family recipes as part of a meal. We have also created meals that cater to all types of global tastes, including Cuban, Italian, Mexican, German, Cajun and Asian. Our chef loves the challenge of making a menu that suits our client’s specific ideas.

What are some new things you are working on for 2013?

To meet the requests of our sophisticated brides, Menu Maker has created a wedding sales department and we are working on special décor packages for weddings to include choices of modern, traditional and vintage styles. Every bride has their own specific vision for their day and our aim is to accommodate any style. We also plan to add extra services such as goodie boxes, favors and bridal party and after party food packages.

What are you seeing popular in catering in 2013?

A continuation of mini and small plates, farm to table foods and dessert tables to accompany cake and more wedding breakfast menus!

What catering trends do you wish would die?

Fountains of all types – chocolate and beverage!

Tell me why brides should choose Menu Maker?

Photo courtesy of Crystal Molina Photography

We love weddings! In fact we have an entire division of our company devoted to them. We custom build every event to the specific need and desire of each couple. By designing a unique array of food, we will make your wedding unforgettable! Whether it’s a cocktail hour with passed appetizers, a grand buffet or an intimate plated dinner, we promise to make each wedding reception an event to remember!

Some personal questions:

Mac or PC PC!

Tea or Coffee Coffee, please!

iPhone or Blackberry Everyone but Mary has an iPhone!!

Favorite Song Right Now Anything Christmas right now ☺