Vendor Spotlight- k2forma

This Vendor Spotlight highlights Kelly Koeppel of k2forma! Since 2007, she has offered a wide range of customized services to build your brand in a very personalized way. Delicate & Lovely is a letterpress and invitation company she started to extend her services for clients. Her products are made to suit your vision and are personal to each client she works with! Below are examples of her beautiful work as well as some questions concerning her business and a little about herself!


What made you go into the business of k2forma?

I have always been an artist & designer. I went to Columbia College in Chicago and earned a degree in Fine Arts. I started k2forma in 2007 because I enjoy designing and working with clients as much as I enjoy building and running a business. Just this year, I started shifting our letterpress and invitation work to a separate company that I started called Delicate & Lovely. I did this to make it easier for our invitation clients to find us.

What makes this aspect of a wedding so special and unique for bride? And way are the options for the ways a bride can use your product?

We have two letterpress printers and a screen press, so we can make invitations, posters, drink coasters…really all kinds of things. We love dreaming up creative ways to surprise and delight. The more creative and offbeat, the better…we’re fairly non-traditional, so the more risk-taking the bride, the better.


Some personal questions:

Mac or PC: Mac

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favorite Things To Do in Nashville: I love going to all the amazing restaurants here in town. I think you could eat at a new and amazing place every day – there are so many great places to choose from. And then I have to hike all that food off. I love walking at Percy Warner Park and around some of the other parks in town.

Favorite Song Right Now: I listen to A LOT of music, all day and all night. I definitely consume a lot of music, so my favorite song or album tends to change frequently. I’ve been listening to Moon Taxi, Phantogram, and Queen lately. I’ve also been in a weird music mood where I’ve been listening to a lot of contemporary pop and 70’s rock all in the same play list. I can’t explain it. I also really love old 20’s & 30’s-era blues and folk music. I have just started listening to Jack White’s new album, there’s a lot of everything in there – which I enjoy.


Other stuff about me

I was just in NYC for the National Stationery Show. It was cool to see all of these great designers and letterpress printers from all over the country. There are truly a lot of cool creative people making good work these days. It’s fun to see it all together in one massive show.

We recently worked with Metro Nashville Arts and Art At The Airport to create a mural that is scheduled to be up for the next year. The murals are in the Meeter-Greeter lounges, outside of the security areas at the airport. The mural is fun; it’s designed to photobomb people in the lounge. If you stand (or sit) in the right spot, then the people in the mural are giving you bunny ears, or you can go up and high-five other people in the mural. And it has a social media component where you can post your images of people interacting with the mural as well as images of people participating in art in the community. Our hope is that it’s a fun way for people to share their favorite spots in Nashville, and visitors who are coming to town can hit the Facebook page and see all these great recommendations from locals. Check it out the next time you’re at the airport!

The next big project on the horizon is organizing the 2014 Print Crawl coming this October. We did it last year and it was a success, so we’re hoping people will come out again this year. We have about nine letterpress and screenprinting shops around town that all come together for this event. It’s one part scavenger hunt and one part progressive party. Basically, people start at one shop and you make your way to all of the shops, printing a new section of a poster at each stop. If you hit all nine stops, then you walk away with a cool poster designed by all of these local artists and printed (in part) by you! It’s really fun and a great way to meet local artists and see their shops. This year it will be the second Saturday in October, so be on the lookout for that!