Expert Planner Panel

One question almost every Bride or Mother of the Bride asks their planner as they get close to the Wedding Day is, "who do I tip and how much"? So for this week's Planner Panel we asked our experienced planners to weigh in and asked them: Give us your best advice on tipping wedding vendors.


There are definitely the standard vendors that you need to tip, but I always tell brides to make sure and tip anyone who has gone above and beyond for them on their wedding day.

Jennifer of Mr. & Mrs. Weddings and Events

I tell my brides to tip their vendors 10-20% or more, for ones that they believe went above and beyond there normal services.

Tiffani of Creative Designs and Events

Tipping is a great way to thank all the vendors who worked hard on your wedding day. However, I tell clients to always look at their contracts to make sure that gratuity is not already included.

Elaine of Events by Elaine

Most companies do NOT include gratuities in their bill. It is, after all, a gratuity. Generally speaking, you may want to tip anyone who you feel does a superb job on your wedding day and leading up to it. In a more specific manner, one would tip the people who provide a service {for example: valet attendants, bar service, wait staff and transportation drivers} and not necessarily a product.

Sarah of Music City Events