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This week we ask our expert planners about destination weddings. More and more brides today for having destination weddings. So we asked our planners, What three tips do you have for brides planning a destination wedding? 

Avoid Holidays...can make airfare and hotels more expensive. And remember that the normal 20% rate for guests not to show increases slightly with destination weddings.

Dawn Schenkel  Premier W.E.D

Be understanding of those who are not able to make it and be considerate of those who do attend. Include ample information about the accommodations, the city and any unexpected cultural norms like special taxes, fees, etc. I suggest setting up a wedding website with all the necessary information and proper updates. Make special note of any destination city-related information (like taxes, fees, amazingly high-priced bottled water, etc.) Then, send lovely wedding-themed save-the-dates directing them to the wedding website. Include an email address and/or phone number for special questions. Have great welcome baskets waiting for them at their hotel with the basic just-in-case items (personal hygiene items, scented lotion, etc.), a local favorite (a candy or treat that is native to the destination city) and a special note from you.

Parthenia Fayne Ephinany Events

Destination weddings can up the notch of wow. They often mean that fewer people will be there to see it though. This is not always the case! I have actually planned several destination weddings where Nashville was the destination. The Bride and Groom wanted their friends and family around and decided Nashville was the most central location. The Bride and Groom traveled to Nashville. 1.Decide what is important to you - how many people are there? Who is there? 2. If you are very set on a particular place, go for it! Remember the number of guests to attend will be lower in most cases. 3. Get a planner!!

Michelle Soll Burlap and Brooches Events

Start planning early. This is especially true if your destination is in another country; you will need to make sure that you follow all the legal requirements for marriage, time for passports, time in country, etc. Be sure to notify guests early as well. Include extra money in the budget to cover potential items and events that might occur. Also consider insurance. Hire a wedding planner. This is especially true if your destination requires speaking another language, knowing the culture, or unique logistics.

Elaine Roberts Events by Elaine

1. Several sought after destination locations will have vendors that do it all. This can be a pro with the right vendors- they know the area, they know city codes/ permits and are a great resource in consolidating many of the smaller details through. 2. A few months months into planning, take a trip if possible to the destination and knock out as many vendor meetings as possible to finalize deposits or contracts. 3. Be sensitive to time of year for travel details and give plenty of notice for guests to begin budgeting and planning around your special day.

 Danielle Loeffler  Catalyst Weddings & Events



Image Source: Kristyn Hogan