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This week our fabulous Panel addressed a topic close to the hearts of many of you brave brides out there: outdoor weddings.  With so many factors that could make or break your special day, we have given our planners the chance to offer their expertise and wedding history so your long-awaited dream can be a success.

What is one of the most important things to think about when considering an outside wedding?


I think the most obvious is weather. Always have a back up plan just in case of rain, driving rain, hail, unseasonable cold or hot weather, etc. Also consider set up times when it comes to your vendors. Some flowers may not hold all day in the extreme heat so don't have your florist set up at 9am for your 7pm wedding. The same goes for your cake, cream cheese frosting may not be quite as delectable once it has been in the sun for a few hours.

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In addition to weather, I would have to say location and time. You wouldn't want a ceremony at 3pm when it is the hottest time of the day and in direct sunlight. This wouldn't be good for guest nor pictures.

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For a bride, the most important factor to consider when planning an outdoor wedding is understanding your comfort level with uncertainty. Weather in TN changes with no notice and the vision you have had for the past year of what your wedding will look like may instantly change. You need to be able to go with the flow and trust your planner and team to implement plan B or C without feeling like your big day is ruined.

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Consider where and when the sun sets and which direction you and your guests are facing. You don't want to be blinded, and you don't want them to be either!

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The most important to consider is the rain/weather plan and you must be 100% comfortable with that plan (meaning you would still be perfectly happy with your wedding if you had to resort to the Plan B). Too often I see brides that convince themselves that it won't rain and when it does, they are upset that the wedding will no longer be what they imagined. Also consider the light, the photos won't look as wonderful if they are in harsh direct sunlight.

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Besides weather, bugs in Tennessee are horrific! If you're planning on having a lakeside or field wedding in the summer, get ready to get eaten alive by mosquitoes, chiggers, and more! Think about your guests' comfort and provide insect-repellent torches, wipes, spray, or whatever possible to help avoid bug bites and stings. Also, if you're planning on taking pictures midday in the summer, prepare for sunburn.

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Think about logistics. Some outdoor locations require generators or electric to run long distances; this can cause problems for lighting and DJ's. Is there running water nearby for the caterer? Do your guests have to walk long distances to a bathroom? These little things can sometimes cause complications for vendors and annoyances to your guests.

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