Expert Planner Panel

This week we asked our planners: Who handles the transportation for out-of-town wedding guests?

"Most of my couples with out-of-town guest will take care of their guest transportation, because they are their guest and there for their wedding." --Tiffani Helms, Creative Designs Events

"Most guests will handle their transportation to the wedding, but once the guests are in town, you can provide them with options if you so desire! You can rent a limo bus or even something like the Franklin Trolley if there is down time between your ceremony and reception or if you want to offer alternatives after the reception. Definitely a fun and stress free way to experience Nashville and your wedding!" --Danielle Loeffler, Catalyst Weddings & Events

"Many couples provide transportation for out of town guests to the ceremony and reception. If parking is a challenge, they may also offer a convenient shuttle option as well. There are many fun and different transportation options available to couples." --Elaine Roberts, Events by Elaine