Expert Planner Panel

This week we asked our planners: How do you inform wedding guests that children are not invited to the wedding?

Tiffani Helms of Creative Design Events says "I suggest not putting their name on the invitation. Only state Mr. and Mrs. Evan Jones not the Jones Family on the outer envelope. Hopefully they get the clue!"

Elaine Roberts of Events by Elaine offers a more direct approach: "Address the invitation to only the invited guests. You can also include the words "Adult reception" on the RSVP card and possibly on your wedding website if you feel that your guests might misunderstand."

Danielle Loeffler of Catalyst Weddings and Events agrees with stating "Adult Reception" on the RSVP card. She says "list it on the website or even state that, "In your honor, two seats have been reserved! _____ We can't wait ______Celebrate from afar. Best way though is word of mouth!"