Expert Planner Panel

So your big day is finally here. You look amazing as you get ready to walk down the aisle and you can't wait to marry the man of your dreams -- but sometimes reality may be a bit more overwhelming than the fairytale wedding story we heard growing up. However, NOT TO WORRY! We received some sound advice from our expert planners as you get ready to embark on the greatest journey of your life. Here's what we asked them:

What advice do you give your brides before they walk down the aisle?

"Take it in!!!! It'll fly by, try to stay present in the moment. Breathe. It's okay to cry. Walk slowly and get excited because that moment you've waited for is FINALLY here!!!!!" -Kelly Dellinger, A Delightful Day

Sarah Willard of Music City Events gives us a different perspective. She says:

"This is not a time for advice, per se, but a time to smile, tell her that she looks so beautiful, tuck a tissue in her bouquet, give her to dad and let her go. She doesn't need to worry about a thing. She's literally getting married in this moment."

Enjoy the day and enjoy your new journey! At the end of your big day the one thing that matters most is that you're married to your best friend, so have fun with it!