Expert Planner Panel

Welcome to 2013 ladies!

With the holiday season still fresh in our minds, we thought we'd ask our expert planners:

What are the pros and cons of getting married on a holiday?

Sara Fried, owner of Fete Nashville, suggested that on a national holiday, having the day off of work may encourage your guests to attend. She also suggested the possibility of stretching out the wedding festivities over three days. However, Sara did bring up something important to take into consideration: "Be careful of certain holidays with annual family traditions... July 4th, Thanksgiving, etc... people tend to plan those far in advance."

Elaine Roberts, owner of Events By Elaine, agrees with Sara about the pros but also adds a possible con: "Most people will also have off the same day making venues more likely to book quicker and more traffic and congestion around towns."

Michelle Soll, owner of Burlap and Brooches Events, added one more very useful bit of food for thought: "hotels, airfare and labor are often more expensive. Just keep that in mind when budgeting."

Holiday weddings definitely open up some creative opportunities but just keep in mind that some extra time and planning may be involved to take into account costs, guests' traditions, or other plans they may already have for the holidays. Happy planning!