Expert Planner Panel

Happy Wednesday!! Today our expert planner panel answers a question may brides today ask:

What are the benefits of using one location for the ceremony and reception?

I love having the location and ceremony at one space because 1. It is convenient and 2. You can reuse decor from the Ceremony in the reception. Often times it is difficult to transport decorations like water filled vases to a receptions. But if you have it at the same place all you have to do is pick it up and place it on the table.

Tiffanie Elliott with Elliott Events

Having the ceremony and location can save money. You only have one rental fee. It also saves time, transportation time from ceremony to reception. It is convenient for your guests to come, arrive once and be there for the celebration, not having to keep track of a map and parking details for a separate reception. The most important reason to have them both there is because you just LOVE the space!

 Michelle Soll from Burlap and Brooches

Having your entire event take place in one location can definitely save money. Sometimes you can re-use rental items and then it's always good to have 1 venue rental fee! It can also help the design and style to stay consistent if everything is at the same location. It's easier on guests as well which is always great!

Jennifer Hamilton with Mr. and Mrs. Weddings and Events