Expert Planner Panel-"What are the pros & cons of a buffet reception?"

Happy Wednesday! As wedding season begins, many couples are debating what to serve for their wedding meal and which is best for them. We asked our experts what they thought,  "What are the pros and cons of a buffet reception meal?"


Pros- from a budget standpoint, a buffet for convenience is usually a more cost savings approach. In addition, when offering different food options, a buffet allows your guests to choose what they want, rather than you handling RSVP food requests and quantities.

Cons- A buffet can take some time to efficiently move through the entire guest count, especially if you are having a larger party. You will typically have to order more food since there will not be wait staff to control portions and some guests may take a little more.

Danielle with Catalyst Weddings and Events

Pros-a buffet is great for couples that want to serve lots of food options for guest. It's also great for couples that don't have a firm guest count, as buffets generally provide a little more food than the confirmed guest count.

Cons-Sometimes guest overfill their plates at the sight of a buffet and food may run out, before everyone gets their meal. Also buffets take time for all your guest to go through the line.

Tiffani with Creative Designs & Events