Expert Planner Panel

We are excited to introduce a brand new feature on the blog! Each week we will have a popular question about weddings and wedding planning answered by our fine panel of expert planners. This week's question is: What are the most important things you tell your couples to think about when it comes to their budget?

Consider your priorities, think of maybe 3-4 of the most important things, to base your budget on those top priorities and delegate money to items from there. Also, consider a miscellaneous funds or extra money for overages in certain elements, last minute items, and things that aren't considered at the beginning of their planning process. There are always last minute items that come up!

A Delightful Day

Keep the guest list low! It's easier to budget your money, if the guest list is low.

Creative Designs and Events

Decide on priorities. Consider what is the most important feeling for your day and then base decisions on that.

Music City Events

A great way to stick to the budget and make the wedding more personalized is do DYI projects! Going the extra mile to make your own programs or favors really stands out to your guests and lets them see how important the day is for you all while helping you keep the $$$ down.

Details by Margaret 

No matter your budget, you can make it go further by thinking creatively such as choose an off day of the week or an less common venue. Also evaluate what things are important to you and what stuff is just "stuff" to avoid overbuying.

Events by Elaine

Budget for your special day based on how much money you actually have to start with. Know your bottom line. Never base your decisions on how much you think you'll have.

My Joyous Occasion