Expert Planner Panel-"What to you best describes a professional wedding vendor?"

So happy to have the spring weather finally here in Nashville. This week our Expert Question is: What to you best describes a professional wedding vendor? Our expert planners answer this question, as it's very important for us to work with professional wedding vendors.

Passionate and committed to their work would be great qualities. I would also look for vendors that are well organized and take pride in giving the best service.

Takkia w/ Bella Bleu Weddings and Events


There is a tremendous difference between a professional and a hobby-ist. Professionals not only know their craft and are experts at it, but they also have all the proper paperwork, insurance and licenses to provide you with the best service and protect you as well. Look for efficient and precise communication, professional conduct and well written contracts. The best also know how to listen to you and THEN respond to your questions and concerns. They should be able to offer options and convey your vision back to you!

Sarah w/ Music City Events

Don't EVER choose a planner, or vendor, just based on the bottom line. Don't compare apples to apples because every business is different. One company has different strengths than another. Find who you really connect with and know that you will work well with, even if it may put you over your budget....

Mary Alice w/ A Delightful Day