Expert Planner Panel-"What are the responsibilities of the Maid of Honor?"

Happy Wednesday!! Each Wednesday we ask our expert Nashville planners a question many brides wonder during the process of planning their wedding. This week we asked:

"What are the responsibilities of the Maid of Honor?"

Planning the bachelorette party, heading up the bridal shower efforts (delegating responsibilities to other bridesmaids), emotionally supporting the bride through her decision-making (choosing a dress, bridal party attire, and anything directly related to the wedding), giving a toast at the reception, diffusing any tension among bridal party members (being the peacemaker if there's friction), offering her time and talents as needed/available. Of course all of these can change depending on circumstances (perhaps she lives states or countries away from the bride, or she has a heavy workload/demanding family situation and simply doesn't have a lot of free time) and what the bride wants and expects... but ultimately it's a position of loving, encouraging emotional support. All the party-planning and miscellaneous tasks are just the icing on the cake! :)

Kelly w/ Kelly Dellinger Events

The responsibilities of the maid of honor are basically to keep the bride calm and to keep the maids informed of the bridal party details. The maid of honor will also be responsible for planning the lingerie shower and the bachelorette party, with the help of the other bridesmaids. I always tell my brides, tell your maid of honor exactly what you want each maid to wear, what to do with their hair, and what shoes to purchase, so then the maid of honor can verify that the maids have everything the brides wants them to have and basically be the brides middle man for her bridesmaids.

Tiffani w/ Creative Designs & Events