Expert Planner Panel

Happy Wednesday!! This week's Expert Planner question is, "What are some good ways to include a deceased parent into the ceremony?" Here is what our expert planners had to say: Have something mentioned in the program, have your bouquet wrapped in a handkerchief or something that way special to them. Have a loose flower that you carry down the aisle and then place on the parent seat or something read in the parents honor to represent their support and their love for the wedding day.

Danielle w/Catalyst Weddings & Events

When trying to honor a deceased parent it is always nice to leave a set open for them with perhaps a picture or flower. I also love the idea of displaying wedding photos of grandparents or parents near the guest book!

Margaret w/Details By Margaret

My husband's mother passed away when he was 15. We honored her in the following ways: Using her family bible to read scriptures from for the ceremony, displaying her bridal portrait (along with other family wedding portraits scattered around the reception space), I wore her engagement ring on my right hand, and framing a little written note that mentioned the names of the family members who were there in spirit.

Kelly w/Kelly Dellinger Events

Some ways to honor a deceased relative is to place a bouquet, single flower or framed photo of them at the place they would have been seated. You could light a candle with their name for each missing family member. A locket or charm with their photo can be tied to your bouquet. Using a piece of fabric from a mother or perhaps a tie from a father can be included in dress, bouquet or other special place. Including photos of them on their wedding day can also help to honor them.

Elaine w/Events by Elaine