Expert Planner Panel-"Who Pays for the Wedding Party Attire"?

This week's Expert Planner Panel question is one that brides always ask:

Who pays for the wedding parties attire"?

Most commonly, I see the bridal party members assuming the cost of their own attire. Occasionally a bride will pay for her attendants' gowns (especially if they're on the more expensive but "I have to have it!" side), but generally bridesmaids and groomsmen foot the costs of their own attire, as well as any travel costs to get to the wedding and associated festivities. It is an expensive undertaking to be in a bridal party, so all attendants should keep that in consideration before they accept the honor. Of course, if financial means are the only thing holding a dear friend back from being part of his or her loved one's wedding, it's not uncommon for the bride and groom to help out with extraneous costs. Honest communication is key -- no bride or groom ever wants their friends to go into debt just to be part of their wedding!

Kelly w/ Kelly Dellinger Events

Most of the time the wedding party will pay for their own attire. Sometimes the bride will offer to pay for the jewelry, makeup application, or hair appt. since it can be very expensive to pay for all the things you will need to take care of as a wedding party member.

Tiffani w/ Creative Designs & Events