Expert Planner Panel

"How many bridesmaids/groomsmen should I have in my wedding?!"  Every soon-to-be-wed couple asks this essential question at some point in their planning process and the outcome varies for each wedding.  So what is the right answer?  We posed the dilemma to our wonderful Planner Panel and they had some great thoughts on the size of a wedding party.  

Are there advantages / disadvantages to the size of a couple's wedding party?

For one thing, the more people you have, the more expensive it gets (not just for the attendants, but for the couple!). This is something brides don't always think about, but every additional bridesmaid translates into another pricey bouquet, another gift, another seat at the bridesmaids' brunch. It's also more difficult to wrangle up a larger bridal party for pictures, announcements into the reception, etc. (And chaotic!)

Kelly from A Delightful Day

I just had a bride tell me today that she wish she had a smaller wedding party, because it's hard to manage a large amount of girls. I think the advantage is the help they can provide with the wedding showers and DIY projects. The disadvantages is having to manage a lot of guys or girls with their outfits, accessories, and etc. Making sure they all have what they need and are happy about it, not to mention handling them on the wedding day.

Tiffani from Creative Designs & Events.