Expert Planner Panel

This week we wanted to pose a question to our group of amazing planners that would be helpful to both the bride and the groom.  A wedding should be a team effort but sometimes it may be hard to include the man on decisions like which flower to choose or which typeface on your invitations. So...we took it to the panel!  Here's the question these lovely ladies answered:  

What are good ways to get the groom involved in the planning process?


A great way to get the groom involved is to assign him specific tasks to take care of. Think of a couple things that you aren't overly choosy about and discuss with him what you may have in mind (a live band that plays country/a lighting co

mpany that does italian lighting/a white vintage getaway car, etc.). Give him the responsibility of finding these vendors or at least narrowing them down. You'll be surprised how in to it he gets once he gets started. Just don't stress him out with harder vendors to choose like a florist or photographer.

Also, remind him to be thinking of a creative idea for a grooms cake, and consider letting him choose his own signature drink for the bar as well!

Kim Knox of  Music City Events

The first thing for you to consider is...Are you ready for his input or are you terrified of his ideas being manifested? Once you come to grips with the fact that he may have ideas that are exactly opposite of your lifelong dreams, you can prepare yourself for the upcoming and necessary compromise. Secondly, it may sound simple, but a good way to get him involved is to ask him. Based on your knowledge of your sweetie's personality, you can give him a list from which he can choose one or two responsibilities or you can select tasks based on his skills, interests and personality and ask him if he would like to do those things. I have seen that most men want to be involved in the dinner and cake, so that could be a start. Dinner offers various options so it can be a good mix of both your wishes. The cake can have different flavors per tier, so that, too, can serve as a great blend of both of your loves! Music choice is another good way to incorporate each of your likes! Above all, see this as an exciting way to get to know each other better...and have fun!!

Parthenia of Epiphany Events

Usually the groom is excited about the tastings and choosing the alcohol, so I make sure they can attend those meetings. I also suggest they get a small gift and write a heartfelt card, that we give the the bride while she is getting ready on the big day!

Sara of Fete Nashville

While the groom might not be interested in every little detail, most have that 1 or 2 things that are important to him. It might be the food, or the band or the transportation. Work with your groom on those items and respect his decision. It can be easy to overlook or ignore his opinions if they don't match yours exactly.

Elaine of Events by Elaine