Expert Planner Panel- Spring Wedding Tips

It's the first day of Spring, spring is finally here! To celebrate the first day of spring, we asked our expert planners to give brides the best advice when planning a spring wedding.

ALWAYS HAVE A RAIN PLAN! You never know when those April (or March or May) showers will hit! Also, have an emergency heat plan too -- last year the weekend of April 21st was beyond FRIGID, despite the week beforehand being nice and warm and mild. Always add in weather plans to your budget (heaters and tents don't come cheap!) if you're hosting an outdoor or partially outdoor affair. Enjoy the seasonal flowers available, too! Spring is a beautiful wedding season!!!

Kelly Dellinger w/Kelly Dellinger Events

Plan for all weather elements (rain, freezing temps, hot temps, WIND) because you really never know in the spring what the weather will be like.

Kristin Kaplan w/Simply Stunning Events

Spring weather is unpredictable and storms can happen. Have a complete weather plan and be flexible about changes. Weather can also mess with your hair and makeup so be sure to talk with your makeup artist. Spring flowers can also bring up allergies so plan ahead.

Elaine Roberts w/ Events by Elaine  

"It's spring time! Enjoy bright fresh colors in your linens, flowers and lighting. Take advantage of any fruits that will be in season. Fruit infused water bars are always a welcome treat. Also, on the practical side, don't forget bug spray/wipes for any outdoor weddings along with flat stones for the ladies to stand on during the ceremony. This will keep their heels from sinking into the ground. Rain plans are a necessity and so are warm wraps and shawls, just in case there is a cool snap."

Sarah Willard w/ Music City Events