Nashville Wedding Planner Series: "Wedding Planner versus Venue Coordinator"

As a group of Nashville Wedding Planners, we want to take the time to educate brides & vendors about us. Why is it important to hire us? What do we do? How can we help? All questions that many have wondered, so every Monday in the month of May we'll be addressing these questions & many more in our Nashville Wedding Planner Series! First topic, "The difference between an Independent Wedding Planner & an Venue Coordinator" from one of our planners Tiffani with Creative Designs & Events.

An independent wedding planner works for their client, the bride & groom. They will assist & work along with all the vendors participating with your wedding, plus with family & friends. They will listen to your needs & desires, in order to make them happen on your wedding day. The wedding planner will be there with you from the day you book them through the entire planning process, (depending on the services you book) as well as wedding day. The wedding planner will verify your cake has arrived, pack your wedding gifts at the end of the night.

A venue coordinator works for the venue. They facilitate the needs of the venue. They do not work for the bride & groom & will not help you with details or logistic outside of the venue. Now they may offer help or recommendations, but ultimately they will not assist you through the planning process of booking those vendors.

Having a venue coordinator doesn’t mean that your wedding details will run as smoothly as possible. As I suggest to very bride, no matter what your budget is, book a wedding planner!