December Group Meeting

I think for the December Group Meeting we wanted something different than past group meetings. So we decided to do a dinner for the planners. Dana Patel the catering director at Sambuca Nashville, approached us about having one of meetings there, so we had to take her up on it. Our group meetings aren't complete without a fabulous photographer, we choose Jen Creed to take these really great pictures for us!!

After booking Sambuca we thought we should surprise the planners with this dinner. In order to truly surprise them, we needed a way to get them there without telling them. So we contacted Melissa with Grand Avenue. Melissa thought it was a great idea, to showcase there cars. We had the planners all meet at a certain location and were greeted by the Party Bus!!

The planners were so excited when we arrived at Sambuca.

Sambuca's newly renovated terrace was so gorgeous!!

I really love the lounge area, that they setup for us!!

The dinner Sambuca provided was delicious.


We truly appreciated all the planners that were able to attend and have fun with us!


The planners throwing up the wedding sign, haha!!

Thank you again to all the vendors that participated and helped us create this fabulous night for our planners!