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We hope y'all are having a wonderful Wednesday so far! Today we are sharing some answers on how to have an even more innovative wedding. It's important to remember the small details when working on wedding design, so our planners have given advice on a small but important element: place cards.  

What is the most creative way you've ever seen a seating chart / place cards done?

I think its really cute when couples name their tables something fun or sentimental for them. My favorite was last April when they had a picture of their favorite Nashville places with their names and description as to why it was significant. First date, first kiss, love to hang there, favorite concert, where they got engaged, etc. Then each place card instead of a number had the name of this place. This was especially fun for their guests because 80% of them were from out of town =)

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Last November we created a seating chart using vintage window panes and and dry erase markers (to match the wedding colors, naturally). We created draping and lighting for the feature. It was a lot of fun, something different and very "green"/eco friendly!

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