Planner Tip from Modern Vintage Events

This week's fabulous Planner Tip comes from Becca with Modern Vintage Events: "We all love the details right? With so many wedding blogs and Pinterest, it is hard not to see so many different ideas that you want to incorporate into your wedding. Don't let yourself get wrapped up in all those details. They are fun and they definitely add to the overall appearance of your wedding but details do not a marriage make. Do not forget that behind all the mason jars, favors, escort cards, cake, etc. there is a marriage waiting to take place. Take some time to cultivate the relationship you are building as well as the wedding you are planning. (If you have a planner this is much easier, just saying.) Spend time together doing things that are not picking out invitations. Talk to each other, when you are frustrated because he isn't helping you with which color peonies to use and when he is frustrated because you want him to stop watching football and tell you what arbor he likes the best. Communication will get you very far in every aspect of your wedding planning and your marriage.

This leads into communicating with your vendors. Be honest about what you want but realistic about what you can get. If you like something let them know and if you do not like something don't be afraid to say so before your wedding day. It is much better to say you hate carnations on the front end than to walk into your reception and see carnations galore. Also, be willing to listen to professionals and make adjustments. For instance, If you really want anemones and they are not in season or in your budget talk to your florist about what could be a replacement that is within the right season or budget.

Most of all, have fun! Remember that no matter what happens, at the end of the day you will be marrying your love and you have a lifetime (and a nice honeymoon) to look forward to."

Image Source: Justin Wright Photography