Planner Tip from Simply Yours Weddings

This week's Planner Tip comes from one of our favorite gals and our Planner of the Week, Emily Humphries with Simply Yours Weddings: It might not be an easy thing to think about while you're overwhelmed with planning details but I think its probably the most important thing I have to remind my Brides of: take time for yourself. I don't care if you have a planner (I hope you do!) or if you're the most organized and creative person on the planet, at some point in your engagement you will probably be emotionally overwhelmed. In order to handle this, you've got to know when to "say when." Do something you like, like getting a pedicure with a friend, or reading a book! Grab a huge cup of coffee (or whatever your fancy) and zone out watching a movie! Take a NAP. Do something just for you that will make you happy and where you can recharge your batteries.

 THEN, the next time you see your man, tell him how excited you are to marry him. Not that you're excited for your wedding, that you are excited to be his wife. Its so easy for our fellas to feel unimportant or not needed in the engagement/planning process. It is also easy for engaged women to feel unsupported by their fiances because they feel like the fiance doesn't care about the planning and the details and your latest Etsy purchase. Which, ladies let's be honest, this really translates into you feeling like they don't care about you or marrying you. The fellas may not understand all that you're going through, but I know that they love you and want to be with you and are excited about marrying you, or they wouldn't have popped the question in the first place! Take some time for you guys to be who you are together, and remind him that you're excited about a wedding because it means you get to marry him. In turn, I would imagine, he would be delighted to talk about how excited he is about marrying you as well. Now, both of you can feel recharged about the planning and the wedding, because on that day, you will get to have that moment when you both know with all of your heart that you made it! Together. =)

 Image Credits {Top to Bottom}: Austin Gros Wedding Photography and Justin Wright Photography