Vendor Spotlight-Jen and Chris Creed Photographers

Today we have a photography team of Jen and Chris of Jen and Chris Creed Photographers!
How did you get into Photography?
I (Jen) started my business in college. Like many other people, I'd always loved taking pictures. When my cousin got engaged, she asked me to take her engagement pictures. From then on I was hooked! Chris and I were dating at the time, and as I got more into it, I started bringing him along to shoots, and the more he learned, the more he loved it as well!
What do you love about Photography?
Deep down, we are creatives. At one point in time, we were both involved with music, and photography really fills that same creative need in our brains. We love being able to get to know the people we are photographing, and truly capture them as they are--to be able to tell their story!
What would you say is your photography style?

Our style is clean, modern, and warm, with a mix of documentary style and relaxed portraiture.

Do you shoot digital or film?

Digital! Chris has been playing with film a little, but mainly for fun :)

Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day?
Our couples are amazing, wonderful people! They are people who have a passion (for their relationship, their family, their profession...anything!), and whose wedding plans match their personalities--not necessarily the trends. We love working with people who are planning for a marriage, not just a wedding! Our work is inspired by the personalities andstories of our couples, so the relationship we build with our clients is so important to us! If a bride is the kind of person who relates with all of that, then she's the bride for us :)
Now some personal questions!
Mac or PC? Mac all the way!
Tea or Coffee? Jen says: tea, especially fruit tea! Chris says: Coffee. Just delicious, awesome coffee.
iPhone or Blackberry? iPhone!
Favorite song right now? Ack! That's so hard to answer! Chris says he's digging David Mead right now, especially the song "Nashville." And for me...I like whatever I can sing along with in the car. If I'm being honest, that's usually something from Glee ;-)
For a bride looking for a duo to get her and the special needs she has on her special day these two definitely make good candidates!