Vendor Spotlight-Yin Yang Cupcakes

What a sweet day to feature Yin Yang Cupcake Bar. I have personally tasted Trista's cupcakes at one of group meetings and they are so light and very tasty. Trista takes your favorite alcohol beverage and turns it into a cupcake! Tell us about your company

Yin Yang Cupcake Bar is Nashville's first business specializing in alcohol infused cupcakes. After making strawberry margarita cupcakes for a friend's birthday and a wonderful response, I knew I was onto something...I've been baking ever since! Also, Yin Yang Cupcake Bar is delivery based so customers have the luxury of having their cupcakes delivered right to their door or event venue.

What are some different flavors that you offer brides?

At Yin Yang Cupcake Bar the possibilities are endless! Brides have the option of visiting the website ( and choosing from the flavors there or they can work with me to create a signature flavor, much like they would see a bartender or mixologist to create a signature cocktail. Yin Yang Cupcake Bar can, literally, take your favorite drink and turn it into a cupcake!

What are some new things you are working on for 2012?

I have just introduced a new line of cupcakes, BabyCakes. These cupcakes are non-alcoholic and perfect for children, family events, or people that want classic cupcake flavors. With most of the current cupcake flavors being based on cocktails, I wanted to offer classic flavors like chocolate, yellow, and vanilla for customers that would rather go the traditional route.

I'm also working on a storefront that I'm hoping to open in the first half of 2013! Delivery will still be an option for larger orders, but I think my Sweeties (what I call my customers) are ready to come into a unique storefront for their cupcake fix! :)


Tell me why brides should choose Yin Yang Cupcake Bar.

In addition to the flavors and ability to have a signature cupcake crafted just for their big day, brides can use this as another way to make their day memorable for their guests. Offer out of town guests a Tennessee staple with the Walking Horse (infused with Jack Daniels whiskey) or send guests home with a Designer Cupcake with a Twist. Every bride wants her day to be special in every way. Nobody will forget the wedding with alcohol infused cupcakes! Yin Yang Cupcake Bar is more than is an experience!


Some personal questions about Trista:

Mac or PC.....PC

Tea or Coffee....Tea

iPhone or Blackberry....iPhone

Favorite Song Right Now...Sweetest Thing by Lauryn Hill is my all-time favorite song! An oldie but a goodie!