Vendor Spotlight-Perfect Wedding Guide

Happy Thursday! Today we are featuring the Perfect Wedding Guide. They help brides and grooms through the planning process and guide them to the best vendors in your area. We had the privilege of having Lisa the Regional Manager tell us more about Perfect Wedding Guide. What are all the different ways brides can use your products?

We have a multi-platform system that brides are using to plan their day,

Print-The Wedding Report has predicted 11,000 plus weddings in Nashville for 2012. With those numbers and the seasons we go through in the industry we are sure to print 10,000 copies of each book, Winter, Spring/Summer and Fall for a total of 30,000 copies per year. Books are a trusted resource for brides. While any person can have a free online website within 24 hours, not all business have been in business long enough to have a print ad and adhere to print deadlines. Print allows the bride to find vendors when there’s no internet available, it’s a less distracting tool and it helps build brand awareness as well as trust. We chose to keep our convenient size the same when we re-designed the book to keep with its portability, we go everywhere she goes. There’s no buying decision, we are FREE to the brides with over 220 locations to find our books. We have multiple print options to help brides find their vendors from our wedding spotlight features to the display ads and profile pages she can find most everything she is looking for to plan her day!

Online website-We have a website with profile pages for all our advertisers to conveniently introduce the brides to the wedding professional. With Images, Reviews, Social Media, Frequently Asked Questions, Videos and a website link, we provide the brides a full scope of the possibilities Nashville has to offer!

Service Registration-Perfect Wedding Guide has ALWAYS asked for permission from brides who register on our site to share her contact information with our advertisers. NOW we go a step further, we want to know what service you are looking for, ONLY those wedding professionals will be able to contact you (phone, mail or email)! With our new PWGMailer program you will receive a professional looking newsletter to keep you informed but more importantly to help you feel better about your “buying” decision knowing you’re doing business with a reputable company using a reputable service.

Bridal Shows-We produce two bridal shows a year, with a planned smaller bridal fair in the summer. We do not want to overwhelm the brides with multiple shows throughout the year, we simply want to be the connectors. Our bridal shows are fun and engaging offering free food samples, free photobooth fun, hair and make-up trials, fashion show and tablescapes. We want your experience to be a good and positive one!

Social Media-Brides are using social media more and more in the planning process. Perfect Wedding Guide can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest AND as a bride we actively seek your input. Let us know what you’re looking for so we can help you make the connection! @PWGNashville

Tell us about The Perfect Wedding Guide

Perfect Wedding Guide and the wedding website exist to help Brides and Grooms through the sometimes challenging but always exciting process of planning a wedding and honeymoon.

Since 1991 our staff has been dedicated to creating the most comprehensive, useful and fun wedding-related magazine and wedding site on the Internet. Our team members bring to the Bridal Couple not only their professional expertise, but their personal experiences as wedding guests, wedding party members, and as brides and grooms.

In creating our wedding sites, we strive to embrace and celebrate the very best of the marriage tradition, while at the same time addressing the tastes, interests and issues of concern to today's couples.

Our local wedding websites provide brides and grooms with local resources, vendors and feedback from couples in the area, while our main wedding websites offer overall helpful ideas, creative tips, and best of all, wedding planning tools to help you keep a level head through it all. Our wedding website’s free wedding planning tools include a personalized checklist with a timeline customized to your wedding tool, a wedding budget calculator, guest list tools and a convenient seating chart tool. Be sure to check out all of the great features of our wedding site including wedding vendors, planning tips and giveaways. With the help of our wedding planning websites you CAN have the perfect wedding!

Where can brides find your books?

We have over 220 locations across Nashville reaching out to Clarksville to Murfreesboro and Waverly to Lebanon. If you cannot find our books, as they are extremely popular and we tend to run out, you can most certainly view our book online for FREE! But we generally seek locations that such as bridal gown shops, tuxedo shops, florists, wedding venues, hotels, jewelry stores, and more.

Some personal questions about Lisa:

Mac or PC PC

Tea or Coffee  BOTH

iPhone or Blackberry  iPhone

Favorite Song Right Now  Always will be “Pure Imagination” from the Willy Wonka movie ;0)