Vendor Spotlight--The Downtown Band

We had the pleasure of having The Downtown Band come to our August Group Meeting and play some amazing tunes for us. If you are looking for an amazing band for your wedding, they should be in the running. We spoke with Justin and he gave us some info about the band. Explain your music style at weddings

The Downtown Band is a high-energy, dance-driven cover band, which delivers top quality live music entertainment for everything from your elegant cocktail hour to the full blown after-party. With repertoire from all the classic eras (Jazz, Motown, Disco, Big Hair 80's, today's hit music), an extreme dynamic of songs and styles, and show stopping energy, the group is able to fill dance floors each time we step on stage.


How do you handle music selections for weddings?

Throughout any event, different music is needed at different times. For that reason, The Downtown Band has a HUGE selection of the hit music from each generation, and we work with the bride, groom and/or planner to make sure the perfect music is selected for each section of the event.

All of our songs have been hand picked and tested with audiences to make sure they're all audience favorites. One of the things that makes The Downtown Band stand out from other groups, is our ability to customize each event. At the end of the night, it feels like we've tailored a show just for the client. We want to help make each event truly memorable.

How many musicians will be in the band?

Our band has options ranging from solo piano all the way to 10-piece+ dance band (complete with horns and background singers). It's all about what kind of atmosphere the client wants to create.

One great way for them to get a feel for band size option(s) is to watch our live performance videos online ( No matter what the client decides, The Downtown Band is great about making sure the client gets exactly what he/she wants and while keeping it within their budget.


Explain your process while working with a bride

Once a client locks down their date with The Downtown Band, a questionnaire is sent which walks them through everything music/entertainment related throughout the day of the event. It's as easy as that! There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding, we like to make it at easy and customizable as possible, so you can sit back and be a part of the show!

Check out this video of The Downtown Band!!

 Some personal questions from Justin:

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