Vendor Spotlight-David Wright Photography

This week we are very excited to feature the work of David Wright, a photographic artiste dedicated to capturing the beauty and emotion of your big day. Learn about what sets David apart from other Nashville wedding photographers and get a taste of his unique personality! What do you love about photography?

Wow, oh I so love photography because it allows me to explore and express the art around us. This is what I so enjoy photographing weddings. I truly bring out the beauty of the wedding but also find and create art pieces that are timeless for their walls, albums and digital viewing pleasures.

What would you say is your photography style?

My style is very unique for Nashville and is more inline with the very top wedding photographers of the world whom I have studied and trained with. My style is a real blend of a timeless classic look, the drama and lighting of old Hollywood, bold in contemporary and peaceful and emotional in photojournalism. My unique lighting skills and superb posing really sets me apart from everyone else. I hear so often from clients and other photographers when they see my work on a person's wall, they know instantly its my creation. My work is that defined and pure.

Do you shoot digital or film?

I was taught photography in the film days and switched without looking back to digital almost 10 years ago. I love the creativity; the ability to push exposures in digital; and control it offers in camera and post production in the computer. Its so much environmentally cleaner and greener than film and darkroom chemicals.

Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day

Brides love my style and my abilities to create unbelievable imagery particularly in architectural surroundings. My background is in art and architecture so I do have a different look about my photography.

My personality and natural calmness influences my clients as well. So many of my clients have commented to me and in my reviews how I bring a huge sense of peace and assurance to them beginning in the dressing room. Their stress and uneasiness on the wedding day almost instantly disappears when I began photographing them, their groom and families & friends. I know how to place brides and grooms in the most flattering positions and minimize their weakness while bringing out their best in the most beautiful portraits. I also show them constant feedback with the photographs on the camera so they too can see how they appear and how the lighting brings out their wonderful expressions and the beauty of their designer gowns.

Thirdly, my albums are to die for! My designs and final artwork on the photographs have won many international award competitions and are works of art in of themselves. This is why I believe a wedding is not complete until the bride and groom have a finished album depicting the wedding as a full story of their memories.


Some personal questions about David:

Mac or PC  I am bilingual, I speak both Mac and PC

Tea or Coffee  If it must be coffee or Tea, it will have to be a wonderful English Black tea or herbal tea with lemon & honey and a slice of lemon pound cake

iPhone or Blackberry  I am a Mac person and I love both my iPhone, iPad and iPod where my favorite music is stored

Favorite Song Right Now  I love Adele's "Someone Like You" in her fabulous raspy voice set to that exquisite piano melody