Vendor Spotlight-Matchless Transportation

Today we are featuring Matchless Transportation, a company that has had over 50 years of restoration and customizing experience in the auto world. We spoke with Diane Nesbitt, co-owner along with husband Peter Nesbitt, about their company. What makes your company different from other transportation companies?

Service, integrity, service, integrity, service...

We've been servicing clients with transportation for a REAL LONG TIME and restoring cars for over 50 years! We do try & really focus as much attention - NOT JUST TO THE BRIDE....although she is a definite focus....but we do like to come in from the angle of focusing especially on the groom too!!!

Read more about the history of this dynamic, creative husband and wife team in an article by Nanette Mahler here! Peter recounts his humble childhood in WWII England and describes how his passion for mechanical art evolved into starting his own business.

Also please visit with them at and visit their website for more information on their packages, services, and to view their unique and elegant fleet!