Vendor Spotlight-Angela Disrud Photography

Today we're talking about the wonderful photography work from Angela of Angela Disrud Photography! How did you get into Photography?

My curiosity for photography began somewhere around 1993 (when I was in college), just before I left to study abroad in Norway. Around this time I invested in my first single lens reflex camera, so I could properly document my time abroad in such a beautiful country! In 1997 I decided to get serious about really learning how to use my camera and took my first photography class, at Watkins College of Art and Design, here in Nashville. I guess you could say this was the time I truly fell in love with the art form. This was also the time I discovered I wanted to dedicate my life's work to being a still photographer. Since I learned photography in the days of film, the learning curve was a slow one, so it took me several years before I was really ready to become a wedding photographer. Because of this I always tell people that I became a photographer first and a wedding photographer second. I believe in the value of slow, consistent, sustainable growth so I wouldn't change a thing regarding my history with photography.

What do you love about Photography?

There is so much that I love about photography that it's hard to condense it all. I honestly cannot think about anything that I don't like about it! I guess one of the many things I love about photography is that I am documenting/interpreting/creating a moment that will never be exactly the same or may never happen again. Such is the case with a wedding. Once the moments of the day have passed they will NEVER happen again. I love the challenges and joys associated with photographing the fleeting moments of life. In my opinion the most fleeting moments in life, whether they be ordinary or extraordinary, tend to be the most beautiful ones! This is what I live for and what drives me!

What would you say is your photography style?

I am a documentary wedding photographer with a fine art sensibility. The three words I use to define my style are organic, intimate and timeless. I try to keep direction at a minimum and concentrate on capturing the sweet, loving, organic ways couples and families relate to one another. Ever since I was a child I have studied people and enjoyed getting to know what makes people tick. Photography is such a natural extension of this for me. It is my goal that all my couples look back on the photos of their day and see them as a story that reminds them of the beauty and joy they felt when committing their lives to one another. Finally, I want them to be reminded how pretty and relaxed the whole day was!


Do you shoot digital or film?

As I mentioned earlier, I learned photography back in the day of film so I sort of feel like I've been there and done that. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking film...I just don't think that the tool makes the art. It's the artist that creates the art. When I look at a beautiful painting my love for it is not dictated by whether it was created with oil paints or acrylic paints. I think the approach to appreciating photography should be the same. I do not think that digital photography is a better or worse than film's just different. When I started shooting weddings it was with film. Once I made the switch to digital I honestly never looked back. I love the immediate feedback that digital photography provides. In my opinion, this is invaluable when photographing a wedding. I really think that as long as you like the end result, it really doesn't matter what tool was used to create the photograph.

Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day?

Photographing a couple's wedding day is always such a tremendous responsibility and honor that I do not take lightly. I have been a full-time wedding photographer for eight years and am continually working to improve myself so I may grow as a photographer and business woman. I am completely dedicated to providing my clients beautiful art as well as a pleasurable experience. Furthermore, it is my goal that all people whom I encounter (be it friends and family of the bride and groom and/or other wedding professionals) find their interaction with me to be a pleasurable experience. In the business of wedding photography personality is so important and being a good photographer is only part of the equation. I truly cannot emphasize how important having solid communication skills and being a team player is in this business. Finally, I really love being a photographer and working with the people whom trust me to document their wedding day. I am completely invested in the people I work with and always strive to go above and beyond from beginning to end. Simply put I am merely the wedding photographer I would like someone else to be for me if I were getting married!

We asked Angela a couple random personal questions and this is what she told us!

Mac or PC? Mac all the way!  

Tea or Coffee? I love both but if I had to choose it would be coffee!

 iPhone or Blackberry? I love my iPhone!  

Favorite song right now? Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart

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