Vendor Spotlight- Brittany Hicken Burns: Harpist

This Vendor Spotlight focuses on Brittany Hicken Burns, a Nashville harpist! Brittany has performed in New York City and has made Nashville her home after learning from talented, accredited harpists in New York. Brittany has the talent to make any event perfect! She has years of experience and can be the perfect addition to your wedding. Her beautiful music is a very classic and elegant touch to any event! Brittany can offer a great way to entertain guests and have playing during your wedding! Below are questions about the music as well as a few questions about herself! Enjoy!


What made you go into the business of harp playing? 

I wanted to play the harp from the time I was a little girl, so once I started lessons, pursuing it professionally was a natural choice. I still can't think of a career that could be more fun and fulfilling than music!

Do you only play weddings? What are some of the other options you offer? 

In addition to weddings I enjoy playing for parties, church services and restaurants. I love performing with other people, so orchestral playing is my favorite, though I also enjoy performing solo recitals.

What are the normal types of weddings or events that you play? 

I have played every type of wedding from elegant hotels and cathedrals to country weddings in fields. It's not always easy to get the harp to these locations, but it's always worth it. After the many weddings I have witnessed, I still get choked up when the bride and groom take their vows. I always feel honored to be a part of their special day.

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Some personal questions: 

Mac or PC? 

My computer is a PC, but I love my iPhone, so I guess I'm a little mixed between mac and pc.

Team or Coffee? 

I actually don't drink coffee or tea, but I like juice, and my favorite juice is ruby red grapefruit.

Favorite Things To Do in Nashville

I still feel too new to Nashville to have a favorite thing, but I love to eat, and so far I have really been enjoying the food in Nashville.

Favorite Song Right Now

Favorite song is always a tricky questions for me, so instead I prefer to narrow it down to a few composers: Bach, Brahms and Ravel.

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