Vendor Spotlight: Courtney Davidson Photography

Happy Tuesday, fellow Wedding enthusiasts! Today we are excited to feature Courtney Davidson Photography! When we asked Courtney about her business, this is what she had to say: How did you get into photography?

"I was originally a painting major in college. I couldn't get into a class that I needed one semester, and so I took Photography to fill the void. I was terrible at it, but I loved it. That following January, I contracted my own interim credit to go and document Blues musicians in the Mississippi Delta and Memphis. I love blues and had studied blues music academically. My goal was to go and see the historical places I had studies, while documenting the people there who are keeping blues music alive with my camera. It was a miracle any of them came out, but I loved it! I changed my concentration to photography, and moved to NYC a year after finishing my BFA to pursue an MFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design. The rest is history!"

What do you love about photography?

"I love how being a photographer changes the way you see things. Just walking around, I am constantly seeing light and texture as if I were taking a photo."

What would you say is your photography style?

"I am a bit of a hybrid between documentary style (I don't say photojournalism because I think that word gets thrown around too much in our industry; I never worked for a newspaper) and editorial style photographer. I love the challenge of making the best photo I can of something that I have absolutely no control over which is where the documentary side of me shows. However, I also love having vision for something and executing it creatively, which is where the editorial side shows up."

Do you shoot digital or film?


Tell us why brides should chose you to capture their wedding day.

"Because I am experienced, and I care. I could tell you all the experience I had shooting in NYC, all the people I have shot with, but what really counts is that I put my whole heart into shooting a wedding, and I do the best I can, every time. I put as much effort into shooting a wedding as I would want someone else to if they were shooting my wedding, which is a lot, because I have pretty high standards. :)"

Some personal questions about Courtney:Mac or PC - MAC baby! • Tea or Coffee - Neither. Sun Drop. • iPhone or Blackberry - iPhone • Favorite Song Right Now - Open Road by Matthew Mayfield

You can visit Courtney's Website here!