Vendor Spotlight- Darcy Ferris Photography

Our first meeting of the year was a great one at Puffy Muffin in Cool Springs (original post here) and we were so glad to have Darcy Ferris there to capture it all. She was also super sweet to do some head shots for some of our planners. Darcy is a wonderful local photographer who specializes in weddings but also loves doing lifestyle sessions, like family, maternity and birthdays, as well! Today we got to catch up with Darcy to learn more about Darcy Ferris Photography and what her business has to offer!

How did you get into photography?

My Mother always had a some type of camera in her hands, so you could say that my love for photography came from her. She captured the family get togethers, birthdays, weddings, etc. I took photography (film) classes all through junior high and high school as well.


What do you love about photography?

It's my passion and what fills my soul and makes my cup runneth over. I love capturing moments that no one else sees from the point of view I do. I love that you can look at a photograph that happened four months ago or forty years ago and have the very same feeling you did the day the photo was taken. A photograph is like a song. It can take you back to a specific moment in time. I also love the multiple formats photographs can be in these days. You can carry your photographs in digital form on your phone or get an album and turn the pages.

What would you say is your photography style?

I say that I am a 'lifestyle' photographer. By that I mean, It's very free flowing and moving. I cannot say that I do not pose couples or subjects at all when shooting engagements or weddings. However, I give them as little direction as possible to keep movement natural. Every couple/family is different. If they look like they need more direction, then I'll give them more. When I capture children in their home, I just let them be. I follow them as if I am a fly on the wall just observing.


Do you shoot digital or film?

At this point in my career, I only shoot digital. At some point, I will incorporate film back in, but for now it's digital.


Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day.

First of all, I want the bride (the couple) to be in love with my photographic creations. I want them to love the way I see and capture moments. Next, I want them to like me, my personality, and the way I interact with them. A wedding photographer is with the bride and groom all day (anywhere from 7-10 hours). My couples need to feel comfortable with me. I believe that goes with any photographer. Couples need to relate to their photographers personality. My clients have told me that I am easy to work with, adventurous, a good communicator, and attentive.

Some personal questions about Darcy:

Mac or PC MAC MAC MAC - once you go MAC you'll never go back =)

Tea or Coffee Tea, sweet or fruit

Favorite Social Media Outlet for Sharing Pictures My website/blog/facebook

Favorite Movie Right Now Identity Theft was the last movie I saw. I'm not a big movie or tv person. I'd rather be outdoors or creating something.