Vendor Spotlight- First Dance Pictures

Weddings have started to include not only photography, but videography as well to capture the special moments on your big day.  It is so beneficial to be able to look back on the highlights of your wedding day and hear what you were thinking and feeling before the "I do's."  First Dance Pictures is our featured vendor for today because they are a perfect company for your videography needs.  No more burdening your family members with taping the ceremony and ending up with a shaky. blurry video that you can barely hear.  The professionals of this company will not disappoint.  Just take a look at their demo video and a few questions they answered:  


What would you say is your videographer's style?

We aim for a very elegant, classic presentation of the stories we are telling. We are pretty traditional when it comes to editing, meaning we use mainly cuts and dissolves as most films do. You won’t find bunches of cheesy wipes or effects in our work. We think this gives our work a much more timeless look, less dated (and less embarrassing to our couples 20 years from now!)

As for how we are during the wedding day, we strive to document the day and not be a part of the day. Meaning, our style is non-obtrusive. We want to capture every moment without the guests or the bride/groom even realizing we are there. We have been married for 23 years, so we work very well as a team. We usually know what the other one is thinking before we say it!

How did you get into videography?

Bill has a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications w/ a minor in music, so he’s been doing audio/video his entire career. Having chased executives around with a camera, we decided to branch out into wedding videography because we saw the incredible artistry, cinematography and creativity that was happening in the wedding video industry. It’s a chance to spend the day with a couple on one of the most joyful days of their lives and to give them something they will cherish forever. It is a true honor to be there and we love that about our job!

What is the editing process and how long should the bride expect to wait?

We use 3 to 4 cameras throughout the day, capturing different angles which we will edit together later. During the edit process, we go thru all that footage to pick the best and edit it down to about 2 ½ hrs worth of footage. It takes on average 60 hours for this process. Depending on the time of year of the wedding and how busy we are, it can take on average 8-12 weeks to deliver our final product.


Will there be a back-up camera on hand?

Yes, we always have back-ups for our back-ups! We use 3 to 4 cameras with 2 to 3 audio sources to be sure we capture all the vows. We also have extra batteries and cards for our cameras to capture the footage. We are always prepared for the unexpected.



Some personal questions:

Mac or PC?  Mac

Tea or Coffee?  Coffee in the morning, Iced tea in the afternoon

iPhone or Blackberry?  iPhone

Favorite Song Right Now?  We both love all kinds of music so it is really hard to say. Deanna has the new Adele CD in her car but at any time Keith Urban will find his way into the mix. Bill was a DJ in his younger days, so he loved all the music from the 70’s and 80’s. Right now his favorite track is probably “Moves Like Jagger”… fun groove!