Vendor Spotlight-JHenderson Photography

As we've said multiple times on this blog, a good photographer is a key component to a happy wedding and having great memories forever. Today we're talking about beautiful photography from Jenna Henderson of jHenderson Studios.  

How did you get into Photography?

I first began in photography when I was in high school and decided I wanted to buy myself a 'clicky camera.' So, I saved my pennies and purchased my first SLR camera. Once I got it in my hands, I found out I have a natural eye for it, and I've been hooked ever since.

What do you love about Photography?
I love the way photos can tell different stories with the use of light and composition. I'm drawn to portraits over any other type of photography because of faces and expressions. So many emotions can be conveyed with just one glance, and I get so giddy when I get the chance to capture those glances.
What would you say is your photography style?
I have a laid back, 'perfectly imperfect' style. I love photos that are full of happy, loving expressions. My goal is to create images full of emotions so that when my clients look at them, they remember all the feelings of their wedding day for years to come.
Do you shoot digital or film?
I'm a hybrid shooter. I tend to shoot film for portraits and details, and digital for receptions.
Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day?
A bride should hire me if she loves natural photos and real moments, and if our personalities are a good fit.

Now some personal questions about Jenna!

Mac or PC? PC and proud!

Tea or Coffee? Sweet iced tea. On occasion I've been known to put a little Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey in my tea...yummy!

iPhone or Blackberry? Android pro.

Favorite song right now? "Shake it out" by Florence and the Machine

Jenna certainly does have passion for what she's doing and having her as a photographer will certainly make her special day even more special. So if wanting a photographer with a sense of style and some passion and talent then contact Jenna Henderson at jHenderson Studios.