Vendor Spotlight-Katie Russo

On the big day, every bride wants to look her best and aside from the dress and accessories comes the other most important ingredient... hair and makeup! And Katie Russo of Katie Russo Beauty is here to help.  

What is your process of working with a bride?

Our process for working with brides usually goes like this. We usually recommend a consultation with our brides about 3 weeks prior to the wedding date. We suggest that our brides bring pictures that she likes and we normally find that these pictures have a common thread. We also have some standard questions that we ask, her answers provide us with a very good idea of what her individual style is. Then we play around with some different options and go over any details of her wedding day. When all is done, she has a very good idea of how she will look on her big day. After the consultation, we make notes and document the desired look. Then, on the wedding day, we come to the brides location ... no suprises ... no stress.

How did you get into (hair stylist or makeup artist)

I believe everyone over here at Katie Russo Beauty has been bitten by the hair and makeup bug and once you get bitten, there’s no turning back!! I think we all knew what we wanted to do from a fairly young age, from jr. high helping our friends get ready for school dances to helping women become a beautiful bride, it was just a natural step.

Do you do a trail with all your clients?

Yes, we strongly recommend a consultation with our clients, however they are not mandatory. Consultations allow us to go over all the details and take the time with our brides to really get a sense of their style and achieve the look that they want.

What are some misconceptions about (hair stylist or makeup artist)

I think makeup artist and hairstylist sometimes get a bad rap for doing outdated looks. This may be true sometimes. When you are in the beauty industry, you must always keep up with trends and fashion. Here at KRB, we LOVE fashion and we are always trying to take the trends and turn them into something that will be fresh, pretty, and timeless for our clients wedding day.

Besides weddings, what other events do you do?

We do absolutely everything from galas to productions to corporate events, but weddings are our favorite, of course.

What is one tip you would give to all your brides?

Oh my goodness, we have tons of tips and little tricks we love to share with our brides so we’ll share 2. 1) it’s always nice to have a little sun kissed glow before your wedding day and 2) When you're choosing a beauty squad make sure that you are comfortable and they put you at ease. You want this to be a relaxed enjoyable prelude to your grand entrance, not a stressed out mess.

We asked Katie a couple random questions about herself and this is what she said.

Some personal questions about Katie:

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Every bride should feel absolutely beautiful on her special day. And with someone like Katie working in her corner she'll definitely be satisfied with the end results.