Vendor Spotlight-Kerried Away Couture

All brides want to look and feel beautiful on their wedding day. Not to mention they also need to pick out bridesmaids and flower girl attire. Sometimes it can be difficult finding just the "right" dress for yourself or your bridal party and Kerri of Kerried Away Couture is here to help with custom wedding gowns and bridesmaid's attire! What made you go into the business of custom bridesmaid dresses and special occasion wear?

The business plan was developed while I was in college writing a paper for an entrepreneurship course. I wanted to bring women the opportunity to design a dress or skirt without the price tag we associate with couture clothing. Kerried Away started offering everyday wear to women and branched into wedding wear once I realized what a great concept it was for brides and bridesmaids. About 80% of our business is now wedding wear, including, bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinner wear, reception dresses, flower girl attire, and even ties and pocket squares for the men in weddings. Lane, Kerried Away’s manager, and I truly enjoy working with brides and being recent brides ourselves can easily relate to our clients.

Explain the process.....

We have many clients who come to us because they just can't find what they are looking for or others that know exactly what they want down to every detail. Our process essentially contains 3 steps, 1. Choose Your Fabric, 2. Choose Your Style, 3. Choose Your Details. We work one on one with each of our brides and do not believe in double booking appointments and will even offer to reach out to the bridesmaids to inform them of the dress style chosen as well as communicate next steps in regards to measurements and payment. It is our goal that we not only produce a great product, but also help take some to do items off of the bride. Being that we are a smaller business, we know all of our brides personally and believe that this makes a huge impact on the happiness of our brides.

What are all the different ways brides can use your services?

We offer the following: bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinner and reception wear for the bride, wedding gown sashes, flower girl attire, and ties, bow ties, and pocket squares for men. We are also growing the amount of jewelry we carry which makes for great gifts for the bridesmaid and we will even work with brides to pick out something that will coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses so that they can wear it with their dress on the wedding day.

Brides can call us at 615.924.7222 to set up a private consultation or stop in our showroom located at 123 S Church Street Murfreesboro, TN 37130 to see us Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm and Saturday 10am - 3pm. If you are interested in seeing all of our options or ordering we do recommend that brides make an appointment. Brides may also send questions to our email,



What are the different options you offer brides?

We offer various styles of dresses all of which are mix and match styles so if a bride likes the bodice on one and the skirt on another we can usually accommodate that, making the options endless. Our standard fabric choices are cotton, taffeta, dupoini silk, and silk blend but we will work with a bride if there is a particular fabric that she is hoping to find. We offer many details that can be added to dresses to make it a bit more unique such as pockets, ruffles, bows, waist bands, and sashes. Another great aspect about Kerried Away is that mixed sizing is included in the price of our dresses so we actually fit girls in their size on the top and size on the bottom hoping to provide a better fit.

Do you ship to different states?

Absolutely, we ship all over, in fact we only meet about 30% of our bridesmaids and the rest get shipped all over the country. Shipping is a flat fee of $10 for a bridesmaid dress.

We asked Kerri a couple of questions that didn't have to do with work and here's what she told us.

Some personal questions about Kerri:

Mac or PC – Both! I actually use both – Mac at Kerried Away and PC at home. I feel like I have the best of both worlds!

Tea or Coffee – Tea. I grew up drinking tea and now have it in the morning and evening.

iPhone or Blackberry – Blackberry, but I have recently gotten an iPad and am loving it so who knows, I might decide to make the switch to the iPhone as well!

Favorite Song Right Now – Anything by Adele

Wow! For the bride who isn't satisfied with what's in front of her, Kerri of Kerried Away Couture sure can accommodate!

Image Sources: Joy Chambers Photography