Vendor Spotlight- Micah Robinson Photography

Looking for a photographer with style and passion for what he does? Then Micah Robinson is the guy for you.

How did you get into Photography?

I was 17 and on a fishing trip with my grandpa in Charleston, SC. By chance I had my fathers camera with me and decided to shoot some by the ocean... Man did I ever fall for photography! Of course it took a week because it was film and all, however when I got that film back and in turn won 1st & 2nd place at the Wilson County fair it was over, this thing called photography that I never even considered before had it's hold on me.

It wasn't until years later that I fell in love with people/wedding photography... But that's a story for another time.

 What do you love about Photography?

I love capturing moments that really matter, life changing moments that will be gone if not for a well made photograph. I love that photography is a media of art that is cross cultural, everyone loves & accepts photography. I love that moment when someone sees their photo and they never knew they could be so beautiful, I love showing people their beauty.

I think most of all though, photography for me is a way for my creativity to bloom; I went years knowing I am an artist... That can be a very frustrating thing for someone who doesn't play guitar, draw or write. Photography for me was a long time coming.

What would you say is your photography style?

It's always hard to pin something like style down, I'll do my best :-)

I'd say I shoot a beautiful mixture of candid (photo-journalism) and posed photos WITH a major emphasis on flattering images.

Let's be honest; we all want to look good.

Do you shoot digital or film?

I shoot 100% digital and have for over 4 years now. I cut my photographic "teeth" on 35mm slide film for over 5 years and am very comfortable shooting film of any type however I choose to shoot digital because it is so darn good now! Plus I could not give my clients my signature ultra fast turn around time if I shot film.

All that being said; if you REALLY want your wedding shot in film call me and let's talk.

Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day?

I hope a bride would choose me because she loves my artistic expression through my photos, sees the way I tell love stories and wants me to capture hers like that, sees the fun my clients are having and wants me to be a big part of her biggest day to help make sure she has fun & gets flattering images of her day.

Now some personal questions about Micah!
Mac or PC? I choose to use PC. (WHAT?!?) That's right, I built my PC I use with my own two hands and know it inside and out. I'd speed test it against any Mac any day too (a little attitude huh?) :-P  I've owned Apple and PC both, used both a lot and I really like PC the best. All this to say; Mac has it's place and it's great for some people, just not me.

Tea or Coffee? Oh, great question! Tea for sure. I'll take Cloud 9 any day. Give me those loose leafs and a silk bag... I'm in heaven.

iPhone or Blackberry? Blackberry?!? Does anyone still use those? :-P  I had 3 IPhones over a 4 year period & now have had a Droid for over 2 years... I'd take my Droid over any IPhone any day of the week.

Favorite song right now? Sooo many to choose from... I'll give you 3 :-D  I'm really loving We Are Young by Fun ft Janelle Monae, Game Of Thrones by Gotye ft Dice Raw & Glad You Came by Wanted