Vendor Spotlight- Spin Wheels Cotton Candy Cart

Spin Wheels Cotton Candy Cart is the Vendor Spotlight this week! This business provides any occasion with hand-spun, gourmet cotton candy! Spin Wheels Cotton Candy offers a variety of 14 flavors of cotton candy to suit your taste! Check out their website to see all of the wonderful options they offer! Below are some questions about the business as well as some questions for Heather, the woman behind the treats!


What made you go into the business of cotton candy?

I left a successful career in Communications several years ago to pursue a dream of opening a bake shop. I ran that small business for nearly three years, on the square in Gallatin, Tenn. The location was a struggle, and I was trying to think of creative ways to get out and about where the people were. My baked goods just couldn't stand up to the heat of Tennessee summers, so I started thinking about a cotton candy cart that I could add to my offerings. Then, driving home from the shop one night the radio disc jockey was running a "call now" contest to win tickets to see Katy Perry in concert. I called, I won and we went to the incredibly fun show. At the concert, it smelled like Perry had pumped in the aroma of cotton candy- the whole arena smelled sugar sweet! And they were selling this amazing cotton candy on an LED glow stick. That's when a light bulb of my own went off and I knew I wanted to do cotton candy in a whole new way, with amazing flavors and glow sticks like Katy Perry. That's how Spin Wheels Cotton Candy Cart was born. In the beginning, I ran both businesses, with the help of so many friends, my husband and his parents. I was trying to juggle being in two places at once, baking and making orders while traveling around for cotton candy sales. The cotton candy business really took off, to the point where it began to foot the bill for my bake shop. That is when I knew it was time to close the bricks and mortar sweet shop I invested so much in to be able to grow the sweet cotton candy business I created.

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What are all the different ways brides can use your product?

We do quite a few wedding parties and bridal showers. Brides can book our cart, which comes with a professional server (yours truly), all 21 plus gourmet flavors and their choice of cones or glow sticks or both. Brides can also order personalized tubs of cotton candy as favors for showers or receptions, as a welcome to town gift for guests, or as a unique decor item. Tubs can customized with a monogram sticker, a photograph, ribbons or other personal touches.

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What flavors or options do you offer?

We are the only mobile, gourmet cotton candy cart in middle Tennessee offering more than 21 flavor combinations. We have everything from banana, strawberry, pina colada, watermelon or grape to bacon, maple, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberry and so many more flavors!


Do you ship to different states?

We do, but our cotton candy is made fresh and really meant to be eaten fresh. So it really depends on where we are shipping to and when they want to consume the cotton candy, so that we can make sure our customers experience the very best of what we have to offer. If you have never had our cotton candy, freshly made, you really haven't experience all that cotton candy can be. It is not like that cotton candy you will find in tubs at the supermarket.

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Some personal questions:

 Mac or PC?

A little of both. I'm old. Er... or... old school. So, I still have my PC, but I have a ton of Mac products, too.

Tea or Coffee?

I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. I love the smell of it, but that's all. I do enjoy tea, but I must have lemon with my tea. And if you have some fresh mint, even better. This is why I don't care for tea at that popular coffee chain with the green sign. They have no accoutrements for the tea drinkers.

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Favorite Nashville sweet?

I am in love with Legato Gelato! It is so crazy good, and their shop is adorable! I love their little tricycle cart, too. I always wanted to have one for another small business idea I've been dreaming up for a long time in the theme of the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz, on her bike, with that familiar music we all know when she is riding by and Dorothy sees her. Well, I'm keeping that idea under wraps... for now.

Favorite movie right now?

I haven't been to the movies in ages. It's not my favorite thing to do. I'd rather be outside somewhere doing something fun. I'm a total sap, though. I will always love The Notebook. I like all the things about that movie that most women do, but one thing has always struck me about that movie. You get to see a couple near the end of life. You get to see the very raw side of love and marriage in its final stages. The young love scenario, we've all seen that before and this movie does that incredibly well, too. But I can't think of a movie where you also get to see the characters as seniors, in assisted living, with dementia and heart disease, struggling to stay together and die together with dignity and peace. It was touching. I wept when I saw it in the theatre. And I'm still clinging to Sex and the City. I'll be a fan to the grave. The series, the movies, all of it. I miss those characters.

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