Vendor Spotlight- The Golden Band

The Golden Band was founded by singer-songwriters, Brittany Hadley and Dan Storm, and is led by the vocal duo. We perform classic wedding songs and cover songs from various genres in several different styles. 959b46_3cb8649e430d4eafbda6ef9aef28831d.jpg_srz_p_265_340_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

Explain your music style at weddings.

Our style is your style. Our band is fronted by our male/female vocal duo, but every other member of the band is interchangeable depending on what style of music the client is looking for. So, if a client wants bluegrass, the band will include a banjo, acoustic guitar, upright bass and a fiddle player. If a client wants classic rock, the band will include electric guitarists, a drummer, bass player and a keyboard player. Because we don't have a set band roster, we can be flexible in helping our clients create the perfect band to fit their specific vision. For past clients we have played pop, rock, bluegrass, country and almost everything in between.


How do you handle music selections for weddings?

We want our clients to absolutely love their wedding music, so we encourage each bride and groom to handpick their songs! We have a repertoire of about 80 songs that we call our "House Playlist." Clients can pick and choose songs from that list OR choose an entirely unique playlist of songs that are important and meaningful to them. Past clients have asked us to learn songs from Jack White, James Taylor, The Backstreet Boys and many more artists. We also have a unique songwriting service, where we have even written personalized songs for first dances, daddy daughter dances and as special bride/groom gifts.



How many musicians will be in the band?

As we mentioned before, our band changes depending on the wants and needs of our clients. We can provide anything from acoustic/vocal cocktail music to high energy dance bands. We provide each client with a customized quote, calculated based on how many band members they are interested in and for how many hours. This allows us to be flexible with our clients in accommodating any budget!


Explain your process while working with a bride.

Every wedding we participate in is unique. No two band rosters are the same. No two playlists are the same. We rely on our brides to provide us with their unique vision for their wedding music and we make that vision a reality. We pride ourselves on being very hands on and accessible. We walk each bride through every step from first dance to last song to make sure she loves what she hears on her big day.

Check out these videos of their performances here!