Expert Planner Panel

This week our panel of fabulous planners gave their input on this essential question: What is an important question to ask a photographer before you hire them?

I always advice my clients to really pay attention to the photographer's approach to you. Do they really listen or are they giving pat responses? Do they brush off your concerns? Your photographer will be around you the most on your wedding - along with your planner - and you should always feel comfortable enough to ask/tell them anything and trust them implicitly. Go with your instinct!

Music City Events

I encourage clients to ask the photographer what their style is and what happens in the event that the bride would like the photographer to stay later than agreed?

Catalyst Weddings and Events

I always point out the hours and type of service included in the package and the "feel" that they have with them. It is a busy and very important day and a good rapport,respect and understanding are essential.
Epiphany Events
Ask them how long they take to deliver the photos. It is good to have the expectations set up front! You are excited to see your photos but you want the photographer to spend time making sure they are perfect!
After my clients narrows down their top choices, we meet with a few photographers to see whose personalities click the best. Be sure to ask about getting a cd with all the photos or if that costs extra and how long they should expect to wait before receiving their photos/albums. Oh! and if they have a second shooter...
Be sure to understand exactly what is included in your package, is the disc of images high-res or low-res (web versions)? How many images are typically delivered? Is there a waiting period before you can purchase a high-res disc of images? Etc.