Vendor Spotlight-My Rose Serendipity

Today we are looking at the interesting wood floral designs of Serendipity! Kristen, the owner of Serendipity, was kind enough to answer a few questions we had. How did you get into floral design?

I have a creative eye and found over the years that I like making arrangements, when I found the wooden roses it was a "shoe in".

Explain your process of working with a bride.

I like to have the bride look at my website and or FB page, then chat for a about 15 minutes on the phone, this is to get a feeling of what she is looking for and to see how involved she will be in the flower selections and arranging. If I have and can do what she is looking for then I like to meet in person so she can see what products I have or can get for her. Also, this is when I would get all the details of the wedding, bridal party, location, etc...


What are your favorite flowers?

I don't have a favorite, why limit yourself when there is such a variety?

What makes you different from other florists?

I have wooden roses! I am service oriented, after all it is her special day - not mine! also, I have creative ideas for keepsake's for her flowers as well as her bridal parties.

What is one thing you love to hear in a consultation with a bride?

The more detail the better but, the one thing would be, "I want something like this" as they show me a picture!

We asked Kristen some random personal questions and here's what we got:

 Mac or PC? PC

 Coffee or Tea? Coffee any time of day :-)

 iPhone or Blackberry? BB

 Favorite song right now. Blessings by Laura Story

Quite a selection Kristen has! So if you're looking for some exquisite flowers with a twist, check out Serendipity! Email Kristen at