Expert Planner Panel

Almost immediately after a woman chooses to answer "YES!" to some lucky man down on his knee, she will ask the infamous question, "Should I hire a planner?"  It wouldn't be hard to guess how the women in the Nashville WEDDING PLANERS Group would answer that question, but we wanted to get their reasons behind what they do.  We hope you get a lot out of the answers to this week's Planner Panel question:  

What are the advantages of having a wedding planner?


I feel like there are tons of reasons to have a wedding planner. But the most important reason is, this is the most important day of your life and it should be handled by a professional. Someone that knows all the details and logistics that go into creating a fabulous wedding for you and your guest.

Tiffani of Creative Designs and Events

It can be easy to underestimate the amount of work and logistics that have to be handled for a wedding. A wedding planner allows you the freedom to relax and spend time with family and friends. There are no worries about the schedule, missing buttons or when the cake arrives. Your wedding day goes by so quickly; you want to enjoy every moment.

Elaine of Events by Elaine

A vacation without a guide. A first home without an agent. A wedding without a planner.

How often do you throw a party for 85-400 guests?! For most brides, you do not plan events on a large scale often, if ever. Your wedding day is not where you should play Trial + Error. :)

It takes a large amount of energy, work and effort to begin putting together a feasible budget, much less finding professionals in your budget for each item and service that one needs for a wedding day. The average wedding has between 12 and 17 companies that contribute to your celebration!

Professional planners come with experience, training, and dedication and provide many services including design, vendor meetings, writing and reading contracts, coordination of such a large event, and day-of, hands-on service.

We provide more than just a smooth and hassle free day. You invest a great amount in your wedding day – both emotionally and financially – and our precise planning means nothing is left to chance!

Sarah of Music City Events

The greatest overall benefit of having a wedding planner is the result of experiencing a wonderful, relaxed and joyous wedding day! When you hire a planner, you take the pressure off of yourself and you become a bride! The wedding day, and the necessary preparation for it, requires thousands of hours of thinking! What will go here? What will go there? Who will put it there? Who will remove it from there? What time? When? How? Who? A Wedding Planner focuses on all the important questions. A good planner will listen, interpret and guide your dreams and work to make them all come together. On your wedding morning, you want to awaken to your favorite morning beverage, enjoy your hair and make-up and arrive at your venue with nothing to think about but the expression on your groom's face when he sees you and the joy of getting married. The last thing that needs to be your concern is did you make a final confirmation with the rental company and is the photographer on time. When you hire a planner, you have someone who loves doing that kind of stuff!!! :-)

Parthenia of Epiphany Events

Top 5 reasons to hire a professional:

1. We work with the best vendors. All the time. We have relationships with trusted collaborators who want to do a great job for you… and for your planner. We are the repeat customer (!)

2. You are busy! Your planner will present you with ideas and vendors that suit your vision and budget. We make the appointments, follow up with vendors and negotiate your contracts.

3. Negotiations - As in any business, you have to know what to ask for, when and how. What you spend on a planner, you will reap in benefits in the end.

4. You’ve got a budget. As with any new project, unless you’ve got alot of experience in that field, you can never predict all the unexpected expenses that can creep up on you. We can!

5. There are things you just don’t want to do. Planning a once-in-a-lifetime elegant event actually has hours of dirty work behind the scenes. Alot.

Sara of Fete Nashville