Vendor Spotlight- Savor the Flavor Catering

Our vendor spotlight today is Savor the Flavor, a local catering company with so much to offer the community! They can accommodate almost any need that a bride throws at them. From customized menus to tastings to providing bartenders for events, they are great at what they do.  Their chef and co-owner, Joelle, answered some questions for us about their awesome company.

How did you get into catering?

I (Joelle) worked in food service in high school and throughout college. And like many culinarians in the city, Eleni and I spent time at the Opryland Hotel. After receiving degrees in Culinary Arts & Professional Catering from Sullivan University, Eleni and I both worked as corporate Chefs. It didn’t take long to grow tired of the monotony and lack of creative freedom. I have always loved catering because the food, the client, the venue, etc. are always changing. I convinced Eleni that owning our own business was the way to go. Seven years later, she is starting to believe me.

What are some different options for catering that you offer brides?

We offer brides the ability to customize their menus and be guests at their fabulous party. We offer interactive food stations and innovative presentations. In terms of food, there is no limit to what we can provide. We are well versed in international foods, vegan/vegetarian menus, and increasingly, gluten free options. Our goal at Savor the Flavor is consistency-from the initial free consultation, to the Chef’s tasting, to the end of the reception, Eleni and I are both very involved with our Brides each step of the way.

What are some new things you are working on for 2012?

STF is working on getting our name out there! We have built up the corporate side of our business and are now making a concentrated effort to be more visible in the wedding community. Eleni is also working on new menu options for 2013. That process is ongoing and we look for inspiration any and everywhere.

We are also promoting our cooking classes for the end of 2012, start of 2013. This is a great gift idea or an alternative to the bachelor/bachelorette party. These classes take place in our commercial kitchen and are so much fun! May even be great as a part of a couple pre-marital counseling -LOL!

What are you’ll seeing popular in catering in 2012?

We are seeing a lot more ethnic food being incorporated into menus-which suits us great because we love international flavors! Of course regional and local products and foods are still hot right now. Homemade popsicles as the late night snack is another trend we have been introducing to our Clients. A welcome treat during these hot summer receptions. Mainly our couples are looking to have some component of their reception that is distinctive to them and their family.

What catering trends do you wish would die?

I am over Clients who want us to simply recreate someone else’s reception or menu. Be unique! We don’t have to just have 4-8’ tables lined up for a buffet dinner or we don’t just have to serve fried chicken and meatballs-let’s create something new together.

Tell me why brides should choose Savor the Flavor.

The best compliment was have received lately is “ I would have never thought of this as ‘wedding food’”. This was at an hors d’oeuvres reception and our guest was blown away by our presentation, creativity, and layering of flavors. Even if a bride wants “a simple buffet”, we can elevate and create a unique and unforgettable menu that is equal parts beautiful and delicious. That being said, Brides need to choose a caterer they feel a connection to; check out the company and talk to past clients. You want to be sure the company you choose can deliver all they promise. Brides should choose STF because they trust us and want a memorable, fun, and amazing wedding reception.


Some personal questions about Joelle:

Mac or PC: PC

Tea or Coffee: Coffee-we even have our own blend produced by the good folks at Just Love Coffee Roasters! ( It is one of the many items we include in our complimentary Bridal thank you basket.

iPhone or Blackberry: Droid

Favorite Song Right Now: Too Close by Alex Clare