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Dearest Wedding Enthusiasts, This Wednesday, we are proud to share with you more bits of wisdom from our Planner Panel.  We know that in the world of planning a wedding, sometimes the first step can be the hardest.  That is why we are bringing you some brilliant advice on this question:

What is one of the first services you suggest your bride book for their wedding day?

We like to suggest they book the venue as quickly as possible. Since venues can often book up a year or more in advance - it's good to be in front of this, especially if they are wanting a specific place. Availability can also determine when they set their date and then can help them start planning for the other vendors/services that require slightly shorter lead times. All this is after they book their planner, of course! We can help navigate the many venue options available to find the place that best suites them.

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In a perfect world, the wedding planner should be the first service. These wedding pro's can assist the bride in her venue selection. Availability is a big factor in selecting a venue, so once confirmed then a wedding date needs to be set. From there the fun begins in planning!

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Of course the planner! A planner will help get you on the right track and help you reach out to the best vendors to make sure you get everything you have ever dreamed of for your wedding day!

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The wedding planner, of course! Before you commit to any vendors, hire a planner you have interviewed and trust, so all your contracts are negotiated and you've reviewed your budget together. A great planner will save you more money than you spend on her services, I assure you!

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After a planner and venue, the bride should start looking at photographers. There are so many options but most photographers only take one wedding each day so you have one shot to get your dream photographer.

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