Vendor Spotlight-B. Jackson's Bakery

On this beautiful day for the wedding planners group I've got a question for all the brides. Looking for a caterer? Food is definitely an important facet when it comes to the big wedding day. If you answered yes to my question, then I've got an awesome caterer!  Check out B. Jackson's Bakery and their lovely owner Mary Sue! How did you get into catering?

I began baking when I was 8 years old; my mother was the most amazing cook...especially her cakes and desserts. I have always made every special occasion cake for my family members and upon considering a retirement hobby, there was no question... it would be a delivery only/special order bakery. We began by featuring cupcakes/desserts at The Bride Room and things just blossomed. We do absolutely no advertising. After our first delivery to Front Porch Farms, we became almost totally a wedding business and we love every minute.


What do we offer that is different?

We don't show brides what we have to offer. Instead we ask what they would like and go from there. Any cake or dessert idea is totally considered!

What are some new things?

Creating new display ideas for our individual desserts and cupcakes and adding new dessert items each month.

What are you seeing that is popular?

Each bride and groom has some special memories and favs with cakes and other desserts...a very personal touch seems to be growing more popular...we are delivering snickerdoodles, hand dipped bon bons, and blackberry cobblers to one wedding in 2012. One of our 2012 wedding orders includes everything."Georgia" (southern pecan tartlets, peach trifle, peach cupcakes, etc.)Dessert tables have become hugely popular and guests serving themselves to individual desserts is a delightful treat. Having a variety and including family favorites is often requested.

What catering trends do you wish would die?

The only thing we don't do and won't do is fondant as it is not good to eat and all of our desserts must be delicious!

Why should brides choose your company?

Brides should choose B. Jackson's if they want something that is truly "special." Everything we do is custom and our goal is to please our customers and make all of the details our responsibility and not theirs. Our desserts, cakes and cupcakes are delicious and attractive!

We asked Mary Sue a few personal questions and here's what she said:

 Mac or PC? PC

 Coffee or Tea? Coffee

 iPhone or Blackberry? iPhone

 Favorite Song Right Now. National Anthem

So if looking for some delicious treats for your special day be sure to give B. Jackson's Bakery a try!