Expert Planner Panel

Brides -- you want to have a fun and memorable wedding, and one of the ways to do that is to make sure your dance floor is hoppin'!

So we asked our expert planners, DJ or band?

Thankfully we got an overwhelming response. Be sure to read each answer as they have some great points to consider!

Honestly, unless it's a band where the leader can handle good cues, I say DJ. Too often, it's the main singer taking cues and he/she has so much else to concentrate on that whatever I say is misunderstood. If I work with a band where the sound person takes the cues and communicates it to the band, then I choose band, hands down. No awkward pauses or misinterpretation.

--Leigh Barker, A Delightful Day

DJ's are more consistent. If you have an experienced, talented, reliable DJ (i.e., one your planner recommends strongly!), you can be assured everyone will stay on the dance floor all night long, you'll hear all the music you want played (and can custom-pick songs), odds are the night will run smoothly, and you'll save a little money!

--Kelly Dellinger, A Delightful Day

I think it can be a budget issue that drives bookings towards a DJ, however, in the end...the client is happy they chose the DJ for the vast selection of music they can provide the guests. You can change the mood of the space in seconds with just the touch of a button. I love a live band that is 8 pc. or larger! Nothing like live entertainment. I agree with Leigh Barker with the cueing. Trying to do it with the main band leader is almost impossible. Sound guys who cue the band is much better! (DJ is easier to cue.)

--Dawn Sallis Schenkel, Premiere Wed

Besides budget, another difference between a live band and DJ is the range and variety of music. A DJ can usually find any commonly available piece of music, even while onsite at the venue. In order for a band to play a special song, they sometimes need weeks of advance notice in order to locate the sheet music. Keep this in mind when deciding on your music and playlist.

--Elaine Roberts, Events by Elaine

The pro of a band is that it is the classic, exceptional sound and hopefully a wonderful experience, the down side of a band is that they are more expensive than a DJ and unless you have attended a wedding or event of theirs, there is always an uncertainty in performance quality. Aside from the budget, a great DJ can interact with the crowd, play the latest hits, take up less floor space and it is much easier to know the quality of experience you will get.

--Danielle Loeffler, Catalyst Weddings & Events